My Personal Page

My Personal Page

Wyllians Borelli

Postdoc – Biochemistry


Scientific Interests

I started to pursue a career as physician-scientist in 2010 when I joined the medical school, soon before starting the MD-PhD program. My career also got constructed with interfaces in France, at Université Paris-Sud (2012-2013), and at the Nathan Kline Institute (NYU, 2018-2019). During international training, I’ve been trained to perform multimodal neuroimage (MRI, fMRI, DTI, PET) processing and analysis, besides independently perform statistical analysis with coding softwares such as R. More recently, I’m focused on a public health approach to support plasma diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease to decrease underdiagnosis and ultimately improve quality of life in dementia nationwidely. 


Non-Science Biography 

I am passionate about dogs and animal behavior (without any science involved), especially when it comes to teaching them. I am vegetarian and deeply inspired by the buddhism lifestyle – especially the non-violence values. Irregular zazen practitioner, ex-swimmer, introspective polyglot, out-of-tune guitar player (especially after 2 beers). Still, I believe that we can make the change we wanna see in the world.