Welcome to the Zimmer Neuroimaging Lab

Welcome to the Zimmer Neuroimaging Lab


Neuroimaging Lab

The Zimmer Neuroimaging Lab is interested in understating neuron-to-glia communication in Alzheimer’s disease, aiming to decipher precise mechanisms and to develop innovative therapeutic strategies. The laboratory comprehends a multidisciplinary team conducting translational research. We collaborate with an extensive network of scientists worldwide and we are committed to scientific training in the field of neuroimaging, pharmacology and neurochemistry.

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Seminars in Brain Disorders


The Seminars in Brain Disorders is an annual meeting that invites international researchers to discuss the state-of-the-art of brain disorders with Latin American undergraduates, graduates and researchers.

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December 09-11, 2019

Yale-Capes SBS / 

Porto Alegre, Brazil

November 14, 2019

VI Mostra da Bioquímica /

 Porto Alegre, Brazil

November 06, 2019

I Ciclo de Palestras em Neuroimagem /

 Porto Alegre, Brazil

October 23-26, 2019

I South Brazilian Symposium on Neuroscience /

 Araranguá, Brazil

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