My Personal Page

My Personal Page

Wagner Brum

MD-Ph.D. Student – Biochemistry


Scientific Interests

I am an MD-PhD student at Zimmer Lab and I’m currently also a visiting PhD student at the Clinical Neurochemistry Lab, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, where I’m studying biofluid-based biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease. I became passionate about research during High School, when I attended Fundação Liberato, an industry-focused school, where I got my Chemistry professional degree. There, I developed Biotech projects with two friends of mine, studying some curious fungi and bacteria and their potential applications to paper and aluminum industries, respectively. I started Medical School in 2018 sure that keeping deeply involved with research was what I wanted, joining the Lab a couple of weeks later. Since then, I’ve been involved in several projects, but my interests mostly involve studying Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers and how they can be implemented into clinical practice; identifying what are the most appropriate statistical methods for extracting the most useful information from them; understanding how biofluid-based and neuroimaging biomarkers can track disease progression and how they relate to neuropathology. Also interested in metabolic brain networks.

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Non-Science Biography 

I’m really excited about meaningful and interesting things. Books, specialty coffee, connecting to people, sharing moments, listening to music and searching for new artists, good conversations, taking lots of pictures that I’ll never share just to store a bit of life’s fleeting flavors, playing the guitar, trying to sing, nostalgia, excitement about the future, beer, football, sparkling water, cloudy days, friends, family, walking around new places, Tabacaria by Fernando Pessoa, breakfast, movies, those things.