My Personal Page

My Personal Page

Vitória Ryssina

Undergraduate Student – Biomedicine


Scientific Interests

Currently, I am a Biomedical Sciences student at UFCSPA and fascinated by the ways our memory interacts with other parts of our body aside from the brain. With that in mind, neuroimage, gut-brain axis and Alzheimer’s disease are my top interests. I was part of a research group about the dynamics of Taurine in Alzheimer’s disease, and now, I’m integrating a study about the physiological interactions between the microbiome and brain. Aside from that, I’m part of the Neuroscience UFRGS-UFCSPA Academic League and Publicity Coordinator at the Biomedical Sciences Students Council.

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Non-Science Biography 

I was born in Brazil but my family is Russian, so the blood that runs through my veins is Russian as it can be. As a kid, I always questioned how could that be such a thing as memory, but what led me to pursue a career in this subject was one of my parents presenting early symptoms of Alzheimer. In my first semester at the university, I watched a presentation led by Professor Eduardo Zimmer about how FDG PET shows astrocyte activity instead of neuron activity. After that talk I was assured about my academic decision and that I wanted to take part at Zimmer Lab. Aside from this, I adventure myself in learning Chinese and my favourite hobbies are reading sci-fi books, gaming, and playing with my two dogs, named after two famous Russian desserts: Zephyr and Praynik.