My Personal Page

My Personal Page

Núbia Freitas

Master’s Student – Pharmacology and Therapeutics


Scientific Interests

My first interests in the subject of dementia started already in medical graduation and that remained after graduation. As a physician, I developed even more interest in caring for the elderly during primary health care work. Then, I started working in long-term geriatric institutions, which encouraged me to do two specializations in Geriatrics, the last of which was at Hospital Sírio Libanês (2019-2020). This experience increased my interest in going deeper into the issues of aging and, especially, into the various facets of dementia. Currently, I work in a home care service for socially vulnerable patients at the “Melhor em Casa” Program, which is a federal public health initiative, instituted by the Ministry of Health in 2013. I consider myself a beginner in the academic and research environments, but already very curious and interested in navigating through this path and discovering some other potentials in me. 

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Non-Science Biography 

I am a “mineira” from Belo Horizonte that lives in Rio Grande do Sul since 2016. I come from a family that is passionate about arts in general and grew up under the influence of it in many aspects of my life. So, my personal interests navigate through movies, music, painting, and other not-so-obvious states of art, like the art of caring and paying attention to others. I consider myself a beginning Buddhist practitioner, although not always so assiduous as I wanted to be, but always watchful to the impermanent nature of things and how this reality can generate in us an “unhurried urgency” for the things that matter most in life.