My Personal Page

My Personal Page

João Pedro Ferrari

MD-Ph.D. – Biochemistry


Scientific Interests

I am currently attending the third semester of the medical school of UFRGS. I still do not know if I will have a career more linked to the clinic or to the research, but I am convinced that the research area arouses a great interest in me, which I believe is worth investing, regardless of the path I will choose to follow. This curiosity made me seek the Zimmer Lab, with the intention of composing the team of this laboratory as a student of scientific initiation and discover a little more about science (something that is very little disseminated during medical graduation).

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Non-Science Biography 

Most of my childhood and adolescence was dedicated to training tennis, which made me compete in many places in Brazil and make many friendships. Due to the vestibular and a strong hip and knee injury, I had to stop playing, so that I currently only practice the sport occasionally and to have fun. Besides, the things that I like to do most are to go out with my friends, play football, watch movies, go to Gremio games, listen to music (why not a “sertanejo”?) and talk about themes such as history and politics. Finally, I think summer is the best time of year, because it’s when I go to the beach.