My Personal Page

My Personal Page

Carolina Soares

Ph.D. Student – Biochemistry


Scientific Interests

I am intrigued mainly by the mechanisms behind cognitive decline, sex differences and changes in susceptibility. As an undergraduate intern at a cognitive neuroscience lab in Rio de Janeiro, I took interest in many projects ranging from zika virus infection and sepsis to Alzheimer’s disease. After completing my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences I started a masters in the same laboratory, focusing on Alzheimer’s disease and mitochondrial dysfunctions underpinning it. Now, during my PhD, I intend to try and contribute to the Alzheimer’s field by looking at the synapses and the bioenergetics behind them using a transgenic model of the disease. I am also interested in metabolism in a broad perspective and as a curious human being, my attention is drawn to any scientific story, as long as it states a clear problem and how it is addressed.

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Non-Science Biography 

I wanted to be a conductor when I was a kid. I studied erudite music and sang in a choir from 7-15 years old. Because of the major contribution from German composers, my dream was to study music in Germany and to learn the language. Even though I did not become a professional musician, I still sing daily, listen to all kinds of music genres and I self-taught German for a while. I am also fascinated by detective stories, adore cooking special and challenging meals, travelling, relaxing on a beach on a sunny day and playing beach volleyball. Most of all, I enjoy people and places that make me laugh.