My Personal Page

My Personal Page

Wagner Brum

Ph.D. Candidate – Biochemistry


Scientific Interests

I attended Fundação Liberato, an industry-focused High School, where I graduated as a Chemistry Technician. The institution is a reference when it comes to pre-college science not only for the projects there developed, but also for the fact that they organize MOSTRATEC, Latin America’s biggest High School science fair. At this place, I developed two original Biotechnology projects along with two friends of mine, under the supervision of Carla Ruschel, a member of the school’s faculty, and William Lopes, a school alumnus and PhD candidate at UFRGS. At first, we tried to develop an alternative cellulose Kraft pulp bleaching method, using laccase, a fungi-secreted polyphenol oxidase, combined to a redox mediator. Later, we developed a biotechnological process of aluminum anodizing, using a Bacillus cereus bacteria suspension with a very small electrical current, in order to induce the microbial action over the specimens to be coated. During this period, I also participated on several science fairs and olympiads. After finishing school, I worked for half a year as an intern in a clinical analysis lab at the Microbiology section, running all sorts of routine techniques, and at the Molecular Biology section, where I worked running Real-time PCR. I entered Medical School in 2018 at UFRGS and promptly got involved with this amazing lab. Currently, the development and validation of AD biomarkers in peripheral fluids and multivariate analysis models to detect and assess progression of this disease are my main interest. I’m also studying how the human brain’s metabolic architecture is remodeled and affected by AD pathology.

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Non-Science Biography 

I was born and raised in Novo Hamburgo, a medium-sized town, and I left home to live in Porto Alegre when I started my prep course to get into Medical school. Throughout life, I’ve always enjoyed getting involved with many things and activities, scientific or not. During High School, I took part in a lot of gincanas (a sort of pep rally thing, but more diverse), in which I used to solve enigmas and play drums in the band. I was also a Youth Ambassador at the Partners of the Americas organization, a one-year leadership program that involved an exchange period in Muncie, Indiana, where I attended Ball State University’s Burris Lab School. I’m really into music and I am always in search of new and different artists to listen to. Whenever I can, I try to read some literature to escape the daily routine and to avoid becoming a strictly science-focused person. I really appreciate grabbing a beer with my friends and getting together with my family for the traditional weekend meals, when we play board games like Rummikub. Also, I find it very curious how people are so certain about everything.