My Personal Page

My Personal Page

Bruna Bellaver

Postdoc – Biochemistry


Scientific Interests

I am a Pharmacist from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). I have a Master´s degree in Biological Sciences, focusing on astrocyte functionality during aging. After, during my Ph.D., I studied the connection between astrocytes and peripheral mediators of inflammation in the context of sepsis. I also had the privilege to participate in a one year exchange student program at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia – USA. During this year I investigated mediators involved in the regulation of leptin expression by β-adrenergic signaling in adipocytes. I describe this year as a life-changing experience, because it helped me to develop valuable skills as a researcher. Additionally, I have experience working with molecular biology, biochemical assays, primary cell culture, cerebral energetic metabolism and oxidative stress. Currently, I am a post-doc at the Zimmer Lab and my project is focused on investigating the crosstalk between astrocytes and adipose tissue in the regulation of leptin signaling.

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Non-Science Biography 

I am from a small city in the south of Brazil, but I have been living in Porto Alegre since I started classes at the School of Pharmacy in 2008. I really love practicing sports: volleyball, soccer, basketball – any kind! Although nowadays I have less time to play than I would like. I also like travelling around, I am curious about knowing other countries history and culture. Finally, I always consider hanging out with my friend in a bar as a good way to spend my free time.